Drops of Water @ S Artspace NYC
Drops of water @ S Artspace NYC
Drops of water @ S Artspace NYC
Mission to forget & under the fall
Bubble II
Wabi Sabi
Where the light gets in
Wabi Sabi II
Tinted light (Diptych)
Time in between
Vanish (Diptych)

Press Release

S Artspace Gallery is pleased to present our second U S solo show of  Spanish artist Esther Rosa in New York. This exhibition will highlight her new collection “Drops of Water” in which she was inspired by the wondrous fleeting moments in life and the comparison of trying to hold water in your hands. Esther combines water mixed with bronze pigments as part of her creative process .  ” I cannot  remain attached to an initial intention when creating, I let the process and the material lead me until the piece realizes itself. Any aim at perfection or control must be abandoned…”Her multi layered process leaves behind imprints that tell their own unique story with muted colors and assorted forms that appear  to float above or avoid the surface all together….lyrical ,symphonic and   evaporating.

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