Mission Statement


Visage Blue Resine sculpture by Anne de Villemejane (front), Faustine Badrichani's acrylic painting (back left), Capucine Bourcart's photographic collage (back right)


InSight Artspace is a digital gallery that exhibits and promotes the works of female artists, specifically chosen for their visual craft, as well as their social messages, personal journeys, and passions. The intention of Insight Artspace is to stimulate exchanges between artist and audience that prove our similarities and our intimate understandings of each other, through the culture of art. With pop up shows, art fairs, digital spaces and alternative venues, Insight Artspace supports and explores art as an essential component of life, seen uniquely through the lens of the female narrator.  
Founder, Catherine Testorf, intentionally broke free from the traditional “white box” gallery format to create exhibit spaces that made sense to the ever-evolving art buyer/collector. Creating access to art for all, and creating personal introductions between artist and collector has been one of her professional strengths in the art world, which began in 2012 as a co-founder of Sohotel Gallery in New York City. Unique to Testorf is her choice to listen to women's voices whose stories form contemporary art today. 

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