Azadeh Ghotbi and Virginia Truchot @ S Artspace NYC
Claudia Paneca @ S Artspace NYC

Press Release


Reception on Friday, November 15 |  6 – 8 p.m.

Opening hours for the show: Wed/Sun 12-6 p.m.
or by appointment


S Artspace Gallery, NYC is pleased to present “NO BORDERS”… an exhibition that explores dialogue between four women who exchange energy, emotions and global experiences in the context of different art expressions. Azadeh’s paintings refer to her childhood in Iran and her new life outside its borders. Behind every work of thePuzzling series, you will find a story of destruction and a renewal. Each painting is cut into strips and put back together, like lives from apart yet seemingly rebulit to mimic normality. Every reconstructed story appears infintely more complex, sturdy and intriguing yet … holding secrets which are more fragile than before. In the works of  Jamaican artist Anna Ruth Henriques, you experience the sense of her Caribbean roots.

For Henriques, the experience is defined by  the recognition of a necessary heterogeneity and diversity; by a conception of “identity” which lives with and through, not despite, difference. Her Ceres collection, textured by corn kernels,  represents an organic fusion of spirit and mind, soul and thought. In exploring Claudia Paneca’s  installations, you engage the essence of being in a relationship with it and its environment.  Through her ritualistic approach, she transforms the common notions of reality & perception into a deeply subversive way of thinking.  The Cuban-born artist will present an organic installation which represents a metaphor of our post-geographical globalized culture. It is a reference of physical and symbolic borders combined to strike a dialogue about our human experience as an ongoing exploration of our limits and possibilities. Virginie Truchot’s elongated bronze sculptures evoke her love for Africa, the land’s earth, dust, animals and its people, which embody the magical and mysterious spirit and energy of this fascinating continent. 

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