Esther Rosa combines in a profound way her background as a psychologist and life coach, in her artistic career, with the purpose to promote self awareness and personal development.
She is a multidisciplinary artist that explores different materials to stimulate and engage through composition and color, with the senses and the mind to provoque personal insights.
“When we are touched, we are moved and that is the first step for personal transformation.”
Her work is very meditative, quiet, peaceful and it does invite to pause, stand still and reflect. 
“Most of us live under the spell of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, in autopilot mode, where decisions and actions are mechanical responses. Losing touch with ourselves and who else we have around. And then, when we find ourselves at the edge, our physical and emotional balance is threatened, we feel lost, vulnerable, fearful, anxious, stressful, unhappy.”
She advocates for personal development as the key factor to be able to place the control center within oneself. Pushing yourself to a better understanding of who you are, embracing your identity and vulnerability, developing grit and resilience....learning tools to help you to lead yourself and your life toward fulfillment, no matter what life brings you.

Our life is precious, a journey worthy to walk one step at a time. And to be able to bring the best of ourselves, we need to grow, evolve, adapt and transform. We are responsible to awake our consciousness, to uncover our minds, to develop a better understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others, and to learn tools to help us navigate the ebb and flow of life, to embrace changes as an opportunity, to look for the beauty on the imperfections, to be curious, to be resilient and to be the best version of ourselves to thrive in life. 
“Each of us is greater and wiser that we appear to be, we all have the answers to all questions within.”

Esther Rosa, born in Madrid, Spain, lives and works in Manhattan since 2006. She has had several Solo Shows in NY, and she has participated at several group shows in Manhattan, Miami, Paris and Madrid.


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