Esther Rosa is a multidisciplinary artist that explores through mix media, paintings, sculptures and installations how to raise mental awareness. Her work aims to raise awareness of the importance of self discovery, in the search for your identity by embracing imperfections to be able to grow, understanding that life itself is imperfect and is constantly changing, this is precisely what makes it so special.

She is Psychologist and Transition Coach, and believes that the main purpose of each person is to train their minds. To be able to live a fulfilling life we need to learn how to use best our resources and our mind is key in this process. To keep our inner balance under adversity and to find that natural force that is the resilience that helps most people to overcome their misfortunes, coming out from them strengthened.

By understanding our mind and learning how to manage our emotions, we will be able to thrive in life.

Esther Rosa, born in Madrid, Spain, lives and works in Manhattan since 2006. She has had several Solo Shows in NY, and she has participated at several group shows in Manhattan, Miami, Paris and Madrid.

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