Esther Rosa is a multi-disciplinary artist who communicates a visual representation of thoughts and feelings through paintings, installations, and sculptures.

Esther Rosa explains: “ I truly believe that we will find happiness in life if we learn to overcome our fears, accept our failures, imperfections, and understand that life is a continual transformation. The twists and turns along the way give meaning, richness and value to our life”. 

Through each collection, Esther Rosa encourages a dialogue about our human experience as an ongoing exploration of life, limits and possibilities.   

“We try to hold and capture the wonderful moments in life in order to fulfill and empower ourselves. However, we will realize soon enough that these moments are as fleeting as water streaming through our hands, and they are not meant to last. It is precisely in tough moments that we need to find the strength to keep our balance, and to learn how to be strong enough to stand.  My work talks about all this, how we can archive happiness with positive thinking, that life is imperfect and in permanent transformation, that is precisely what makes it so special”.

Esther Rosa was born in Spain and currently lives in New York. She graduated from the National Academy of Fine Art, New York in 2009. She participated in solo, groups shows and art fairs in New York, Miami, Madrid and Paris. Her work is part of the permanent collection of IESE Business school New York and placed in private collection around the globe.

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