Elaine Jeffrey is a Scottish visual artist working in the medium of photography. She created "the language of light" images in order to represent how light interacts between objects in minute detail. Using available daylight, Jeffrey places colorful daily objects into very plain background settings and identifies a point, or space where the object and the background light/color mingles. By shifting the camera lens into soft focus mode, the colors merge transforming the object into a representation of itself by its color.  Her body of work is thus an interplay between technological possibilities (as cameras ability to fix areas that the eye cannot)  and human/emotional responses to light as we perceive it through color. Her "lemon drop"photograph won the Directors Award in an international exhibition at the Center of Fine Art Photography in Colorado, USA in December 2018. 

Elaine Jeffrey (b.1965) is a Scottish artist living and working between the USA and Germany. She has a BA in Photographic Art from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Since graduating she has worked as a photojournalist (Apex Publishing, Oman early 1990’s), run her own portrait studio in Hamburg, Germany and taken on many commercial commissions. Since 2008 Jeffrey has dedicated her time to her artistic practice. Her first major commission came in 2013, when she produced a large-scale installation for the Art Building in Brussels.  Other interesting work has included accompanying and documenting world-class jazz musicians while on tour in Europe. Jeffrey has participated in many group shows over the past years and has had three solo shows in reputable galleries in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her photographs can be found in several collections in Europe and USA. 


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