Sculptor Béatrice Bizot moved around through her childhood and adult life in many countries and cities coping with endless changes at times where she was laying the grounds for her own growth. Trying to solve identity and ways to cope with life she became a silent observer of other people as well as her own construction. This last notion of construction has become a guiding thread in her work and mainly what it is about. Bizot expresses her own life as a woman as well as observations of external events such as war, destruction or upheavals of the contemporary world and how they affect us . Using the human body as a tool of expression she shows how it filters, prints itself with all these external influences. Architecture and the human body are indeed very much intertwined in her sculptures and installations. Architectural elements invest the human image. Bodies are changed into structures, human faces bear openings, windows, stairs and let the light through. The exterior becomes interior. Peaceful faces with their eyes closed invite the viewer to enter the intimacy of what we hold inside. 

Born in Milan, Italy, in 1966, Béatrice Bizot is a French cosmopolitan artist that has travelled the world. She has lived in Italy, France, Australia, United States and Spain where she lives since 2004. She has worked with sculpture since her childhood initiated to this medium in her father’s sculpture studio in Milan where she grew up. She then studied it in Paris at the musée des arts decoratifs, and then the Brera Fine Arts university in Milan and Delta college in Michigan. She has exhibited, among other countries, in the United States, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Spain, Sweden and Germany. Her works are in private and public collections such as the Midland Centre for the Arts or the Modern Art Museum in Tarragona. She has three public sculptures in the Serrallo of Tarragona’s Harbour as well as public installations in the archeologic roman circus of Tarragona.


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