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No Frames: Inma Barrero, Laurence Belotti, Fabienne Cuter, and Anne de Villeméjane

On view at S ArtSpace Gallery, 345 Broome Street, NYC, beginning on December 2nd, No Frames, a NY Art Collective exhibition, features four artists whose work not only resists categorization, but whose lives and careers embody that ethos. As such, the exhibition is as much about life as it is about art. These four European women, all left their native lands and successful careers behind to listen to their true aspirations and embark on a new journey in art. They returned to school and received a thorough art education, mastering various aspects of their respective disciplines. What separates them from other artists is that they create art based not on dictated or current norms, but rather inspired by their histories and cultural heritage. As such, their art is distinguished as much by its aesthetic quality as it is by the originality of the stories behind it. The result is a perfect opportunity for dialogue as well as appreciation.

Inma Barrero's poetic sculptural work is infused with a surrealist spirit and an exploration of the feminine. Her sculptures capture her memories of places, objects and the qualities of light from her native Southern Spain. In her work, light and shadows interact with the pieces to become part of their context. She works with clay, porcelain, metal, glass and wood. Barrero's delicate ceramics often enters into dialog with rougher found objects. Whether unique pieces or commissioned installations, the sculptures exists in a personal metaphorical world neither figurative, nor abstract. The artist lives in New York and her work is part of private collections in Europe, USA and Middle East.

Laurence Belotti has shown her paintings at various exhibitions in New York and Paris, but for the past 10 years, she has turned her focus to photography. At times provocative, at times capturing astonishing moments, or simply reacting to emotion, she immortalizes the ephemeral through her lens. New York provides an endless source of inspiration; where everything is new without ever really changing. Based in New York, her work is included in private collections in Europe and the United States.

Fabienne Cuter is a mixed media artist. Her scientific background has allowed her to experiment, develop, and perfect proprietary techniques and creation processes. In the body of work she will exhibit at No Frames, she has transcended small objects that you wouldn’t even notice. Multiple metallic components--engineered pieces from airplanes or computers, or simple objects such as acupuncture needles-- have metamorphosed into intriguing abstract floating images emerging from the depth of the stainless steel. Fabienne Cuter’s unique artworks and commissioned installations are present in private and corporate collections in Europe, Japan and the United States.

Anne de Villeméjane is an established French artist, residing in New York. She shows her work in galleries and major exhibitions in the United States, Europe and Middle East. A major focus of her work is the depth and diversity of human nature as expressed in sculptural form. De Villeméjane’s ethereal figures are both fragile and powerful at the same time, and evoke the primacy of emotion and energy in life. She experiments with bronze, metal, cement or crystal to take the viewer on a captivating textural voyage. De Villeméjane has recently been commissioned to design the audience award statue for the “In French” New York Film Festival. Ten percent of the proceeds from the exhibit will benefit Entraide Française. No Frames has been made possible by the support of French Morning and the BWR Group.

No Frames will remain on view at S ArtSpace Gallery on December 3 from 11 am-9 pm. For more information on the artists and artwork, contact Anne de Villeméjane at 

Laurence Belotti, Anne de Villeméjane, Inma Barrero, Fabienne Cuter,

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