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Elisa Lejuez
Ida Ivanka Kubler | Esther Rosa

Virginie Truchot

RECEPTION on Wednesday March 18th
 |  6 - 8 p.m.
Show on view until April 1st

S Artspace Gallery
345 Broome Street (between Elizabeth & Bowery)
New York, NY 10013

Opening hours for the show: Wed/Sun 12-6 p.m.
or by appointment

One can read Elisa Lejuez's paintings as an "archeology" of layered artistic designs. In her neo-native collection, Elisa finds  inspiration in the caves of Aruba and relates the symbols of everyday life to ancestral discoveries. "These  original maps and drawings from the geometric period may show you the way of life"  asks Elisa. "Amazonite stones  have a soothing, calming effect. They stimulate creativity, optimism and inspiration. All these elements make the neo- native experience and help to find the perfect balance in life." Elisa's style is characterized by a striking use of colors, acrylic paint and the technique of silk screen.  This new collection is composed of stones, driftwood, seeds and geometric forms.
Bulgarian artist Ida Ivanka Kubler,  explains : "Although exciting and interesting, the cycle of the silk cocoons with all its phases happens in complete silence. Often when I went into the place where the silk cocoons were spun, my grandfather would tell me to be silent as otherwise the silk worms won't create nice cocoons or even they would stop spinning (which is scientifically proven). I adore the strength of the silence (in the meaning also of relaxation), and was already thinking of ways to share this feeling with others and also turn it into something useful. I like to think of people looking at my artwork. If something comes to you it is "de-liberating" or restricting you, as you can't control it. The discovery of something on your own is liberating you, because you decide to do so. I often challenge the viewers while intending to liberate their perception, to empower them by their own feelings and so become Master of the Situation"

In exploring Esther Rosa's paintings and sculpture, you engage the essence of being in a relationship with it and all of its layers.  Through her ritualistic approach, she transforms the common notions of reality and perception into a deeply subversive way of thinking.  The Spanish born artist will present organic sculpture works which represent a metaphor for ever changing life. It is a reference to physical and symbolic stripping or removal of layers  to encourage a dialogue about our human experience as an ongoing exploration of our life, limits and possibilities.

The sculptor Virginie Truchot is known for her elongated bronze sculptures that evoke her love for Africa, the land's earth, dust, animals and its people, and embody the magical and mysterious spirit and energy of this fascinating continent.  During her stay in Japan, Virginie,  was fascinated by the sumo's tradition: the strenuous training they endured to obtain their huge, round and muscular body and their difficulty to gain weigh. She remarked   " My idea was to work on oppositions, the yin and yang". My sculptural sumos are angular, deliciously attractive, small and cute compared to the round and heavily grounded traditional Sumos."

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