Living with Art: Summer Edition

Andrea Bonfils' submerged garden series on view at a luxury fitness club in New York City.

Living with art is yet another way to liberate art from conventional white-box spaces and allow it to enrich your everyday life. In this edition, InSight Artspace is pleased to introduce award winning American contemporary painter, photographer and mixed media artist: Andrea Bonfils.

In her unique body of work, Bonfils is inspired by nature, meditation, and stillness.  Her work helps reconnect us with reality and the natural world, bringing meaning and mindfulness into our lives. 


Meet Andrea Bonfils

“My ‘Submerged Garden’ series was created after a scuba diving trip to Belize. I was transfixed by the beauty and the colors of the coral reefs. With the recent precipitous degradation of the oceanic life, I decided to immortalize their majesty and to support their restoration.” 

Using unconventional hardware - a blow torch, iron and other heated tools - along with paper, encaustics, photography, resin and natural materials, Bonfils’ uncommon painting and photographic techniques give way to a vision that is intense, mysterious and ethereal. Her inspiration comes from humanity and the natural world as she captures her subject's movement, drama and complexity.

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