Introducing: InSight Artspace

InSight Artspace follows the philosophy that art is like breathing – an essential component of life. Breaking with the traditional format and “white box” gallery, InSight Artspace aims to make art more accessible in a variety of intimate settings and to exhibit art in everyday, atypical venues. Our founder, Catherine Testorf, believes that visualizing art as part of our broader life experience inspires an emotional and intellectual connection.

InSight Artspace’s core mission is to integrate artists’ own personal journey, passion, and story to create a more meaningful exchange between artists and their collectors.  This approach will foster more understanding, interaction, and appreciation of the art. Through pop-up shows, art fairs, and a variety of alternative venues, InSight Artspace promotes and explores art in its essence: an element as necessary as air. 

In tandem with the announcement of InSight Artspace, the inaugural online exhibition is launched, featuring many of Testorf's longtime collaborators and represented artists. This exhibition precisely reflects the gallery's mission: to build a creative collection through a clear connection to passion, curiosity, and an understanding of our own auric state. This selection was part of a private art salon presented at an estate in Greenwich, CT owned by an American-Lebanese family. The estate was transformed by the installation and thus each visitor could be transformed by the art.

Catherine Testorf was the co-founder of Sohotel Artspace Gallery in New York. The gallery focused on introducing international artists to the NY art scene and offering a platform to create exchanges through different art expressions such as music, fashion and dance. 

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