Caribbean Cultural Diversity

June, 2015, marked the tenth anniversary of the Caribbean-American Heritage Month. The passing of this 10 year  anniversary represented a huge step in the continuation of  introducing international artists from the caribbean and making their works not only accessible but known to the general public.  S Artspace Gallery has dedicated a major portion of their gallery exhibition space at AQUA  to further the expression of this mission. Three world renowned artists will form a synthesis of flavors from the Caribbean that truly represent a composite of  rich cultural history, a unique blend of customs, and traditions with lasting influences. 

Understanding the history of the Caribbean region goes a long way toward understanding its people.  It is only fitting that we have artists of this caliber pay tribute to the Caribbean and its people during Art Basel at Aqua/ Art Miami.  Each island, shaped by waves of migration, has a distinctive cultural identity influenced by the European colonialists, African heritage, and the enduring legacies of the native Indian tribes.  

The momentum of the Caribbean Colorful Diversity will continue it's journey from the Miramar Cultural Center to S. Artspace Gallery /space 218, Art Basel at AQUA/Art Miami...... Just as each Island is distinctive so is each of these masters. Each artist brings a unique style and blend to the collective:

Meet the 3 artists  selected for the continuation:

Cuban born, Luis Castañeda, a  photographer served as the official photographer for Ballet Nacional de Cuba, his images are used by Camera manufacturers, such as Panasonic, Leica, Minox and Hasselblad to illustrate their publications and advertise their products.  Carl Juste, a Haitian born, Pulitzer Prize winning Miami Herald photojournalist. His dramatic images have won him numerous prestigious awards and accolades around the world. Arubian artist,  Elisa Lejuez,  style is characterized by a striking use of colors, acrylic paint and the technique of self-made silk screen prints. One can read her paintings as an “archeology” of layered designs. She finds her inspiration in the symbolism of everyday life, it’s multicultural aspects and creates an eclectic , spiritual blend of images from both her past and present. 

S. Artspace directors, Elizabeth Rosso and Catherine Testorf 's passion and love of the Caribbean  has inspired them to support the diversity and develop the art and culture from the Caribbean. It is a region  that is often stereotyped and misunderstood . Exhibiting and gaining exposure will enable them to extend their reach, generate wider audiences, and bring true awareness to the art, people and culture of the region allowing the artists to express themselves in the global art market and bring a greater understanding to their work.

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