#BalanceforBetter: Celebrating International Women's Day with Vermilion Talent

Join us at Vermilion's special #BalanceforBetter workshop and learn how mindfulness can help you to take the right steps in achieving your goals. Learn to be present, to slow down, and to refill with more energy.  Embody and get inspired by 9 talented female artists who share their own accomplishment through paintings, sculptures, and photography.  RSVP: Click here.

Vermilion Talent's #BalanceforBetter presentation takes place Tuesday March 5 from 6 to 8 PM. InSight Artspace's exhibition will be on view from Monday February 25 through Friday March 8, 2019. Come and enjoy the flow and the spirit of talented women artists, including Laurence Belotti, Andrea Bonfils, Anne de Villemejane, Elisa Lejuez, Maizianne, Shreya Mehta, Geneviève Phénix, Esther Rosa, and Lori Schouela.

The closing party and celebration of International Women's Day 2019 will take place at Serendipity Labs, 80 Theodore Fremd Ave, Rye  NY on Friday, March 8 from 6 to 8 PM. Enjoy a drink, meet and connect with the artists. RSVP to the closing party at: info@insightartspace.com.

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