Anne de Villemejane's ethereal figures are both fragile and powerful at the same time. Her work reflects the expression of human nature, exuding a wordly energy, while also appearing as if in a dream. Recognized for her rare sensitivity and strong sense of color and textures in her collages, her passion for bronze began in 2000, when renowned italian artist Lorenzo Cascio introduced her to the sculptural forms. From critical reviews and through her own rigor, Anne has developed a refined eye and hand for sculpture. Forever experimenting with new materials, today she mostly works with a mix of materials such as bronze, metal, concrete, resin and crystal.

Anne de Villemejane is based in New York. She has been part of various solo and group shows in the United States, Paris as well as Beirut. Through renowned galleries, her sculptures have been exhibited in art fairs in Dubai, New York, Miami, Denver, San Francisco, and Houston.

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